My Favorite Portraits

I love taking portraits. I love finding that moment when a person’s smile says everything about them and the light is hitting them just right and they feel relaxed enough to look right into the camera’s lens like they’re looking in the eyes of their favorite person. Here are some of my favorite portraits:


This was a spontaneous portrait from a somwhat reluctant subject. He was working for FedEx and I was on assignment with the Associated Press on some post-Katrina story. We were waiting for our client to arrive on a hot morning. He had such a nice smile, I couldn’t help but photograph him. He was shy at first but warmed up to the camera enough to let me catch that smirk. What a cutie.

A potter from Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

I was sent to seek out this artist for a story by the Associated Press about the struggle of artists in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. This potter made these unusual vessels that reminded me of egg shells. She was working out of a converted barn. The bright sun filtered into the dark interior, making the perfect setting for this moment.

Katryn Schmidt 3

This is one of my first portraits, taken with a Pentax K100 and black and white film. I learned how to be a photographer with this session. I learned that if you get to know someone, talk with them, laugh with them, your images can reflect that relationship.


My son’s girlfriend asked me to take her senior portraits. This is a study in oppostion because I didn’t know her really well and I was a little nervous. She was so poised and graceful it made the job easy. I like this image because I think she looks like an exotic princess from an ancient civilization.

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