About Me

Graphic Designer ~ Photographer ~ Writer ~ Artist




I try to create beauty.

That’s what I do as best I can with everything I endeavor. I practice.

I first learned about creating beauty when I learned to paint. I practiced expressing myself by following my grandmother’s lessons about color and light and shadow. My most peaceful moments have been with a paintbrush in my hand, oil paint and linseed oil at my side.

Then I wanted to take pictures so I could paint the things I saw. I practiced taking pieces of reality and creating images from the world. I found out I can create amazing beauty from capturing the energy and life in people’s faces. I found out that when you experience an event through the lens of a camera, it changes the experience itself and provides little pieces of beauty left over. I found out that you give people joy by giving them images from special moments in their lifes and you communicate the truth by providing images to illustrate a reporter’s facts. And I discovered that if you look at nature with the vision of an artist, great beauty can be discovered and claimed.

I studied architecture and learned that beauty can come from design. I learned the elements of design and married them with the tools of the trade and began creating beauty by helping others communciate through words, images, icons and photographs.

Words carry beauty as well. I practiced writing. I learned that beauty can come from telling a person’s story. It can come from informing the public about elected officials. It can come from finding the voice to communicate your message. It can come from telling a story about history. It can come from telling my story.

How can I help you find your voice or create your beauty?

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